"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." --Alfred Lord Tennyson

  My Robe or Yours? - I seem to be one of those people who always have experiences that lead to great sermon illustrations. I guess it helps, since I am a preacher, but sometimes I wish that God would just send me some emails! I forget the exact date, but it was in February of 2003. I had flown up to Seattle in order to visit my parents...


Believing in Advance
I need to come into God's presence daily. Doing so will ensure that I gain a perspective of myself and the world from his vantage point.

The Right Thing
Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the...

Least of These...
It was one of those warm, sunny, southern Oregon mornings as a crowd gathered for the 11 o’clock church service. It was the early 60s,...

Fresh Start
In my teaching career I have found myself murmuring this sentiment to myself more than once on those occasional days where no one seems...

Unlock the Door!
It was hot, muggy and wet Friday afternoon. I had been counseling teenagers all day and was drained and exhausted. All I wanted to do was...

Summer rains, even during storms, are usually uneventful. They’re welcomed to cool the earth. Today a summer storm came, with lightning...

Join the Resistance
I'm made of the same stuff that everyone else on this planet is made of, and I've been hot-wired to treat people as they deserve to be...

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