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Many software programs can be used to create MP3 files. If your church doesn't have a computer to record your sermons on, perhaps you can use a laptop computer with MP3 software program onboard, or you can record your sermon on a cassette tape, then transfer it from cassette to a digital format.

Edirol R-90
A Possible Solution - If you don't have a way to get your sermons to an MP3 format, here's a recording device that can automatically record and convert audio signals to MP3 files. It saves them on an SD memory card so they are instantly ready to load to the web. Simply place the card in your card reader and upload it to the sermon section of your church website, or to your Sermon Evaluation page on BetterSermons.

The device has built stereo microphones. The Edirol R-09HR is manufactured by Roland. View demo | Buy It

Establishing a method for digitizing your sermon files will not only help with your sermon evaluation, but will make it easier to post your sermons on your church website.

Some great software choices for creating MP3 files include:

1. Roxio Music Lab (MP3 conversion and management)

2. Imtoo (MP3 conversion)

3. iTunes (MP3 conversion)

4. RealPlayer (MP3 conversion)

As you create your MP3 files, try to keep the file size as small as possible. Speaking audio can be compressed more than music and still sound good. 

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