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Adventist Preaching DVDs
By Bernadine Delafield

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There's a growing number of pastors and churches who have recognized the potential of using Adventist Preaching. The DVD sermon series are designed to provide outstanding sermons from some of the most gifted and inspiring preachers in the Adventist church.
Adventist Preaching is a perfect devotional tool for use in a home setting, but it was mainly designed for church use. Pastors who have several churches in a district cannot cover them all at the same time. Adventist Preaching can help by providing great sermons that have been selected in advance to fit the worship service. The 5-6 sermon series are perfect as a prayer meeting series or vespers. Many of them include bonus pieces that serve well for family, youth and children's ministries. Small groups love the presentations which provide a basis for lively study and discussion. Pastors of larger congregations find the examples of excellent preaching beneficial for their own sermon preparation and delivery.
Adventist Preaching can promise a sermon appropriate for not only your regular members but for unexpected guests as well. Young people will be captivated by some of their favorite preachers on the big screen. Young adults will be challenged by preachers who think deeply and communicate their thoughts in a  creative way.
Visit www.AdventistPreaching.com to see a complete listing of all 21 editions of great Adventist Preaching including preachers, sermon themes and titles. 

Bernadine Delafield is NET Coorindator for the Seventh-day Adventist Church and works with the NAD Office of Communication. Better Sermons © 2008. Click here for usage guidelines.


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