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Sermon Evaluation Sample
Here are the questions that appear on the online evaluation form. For each item, users are directed to select a response on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being less and 5 being more).

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I. Organization 
1. Introduction  
          Does it get your attention? 
          Does it directly or indirectly address a human need? 
          Does it provide an overview and move toward the first point? 
          Is the length about right? 
          Does it help the listener get into the topic? 
2. Structure  
          Can you identify the big idea? 
          Is the progression easy to follow? 
          Do the major points relate back to the main idea? 
          Are the sub-points clearly related to their main points? 
3. Conclusion 
          Does the sermon go anywhere? 
          Does it reach a compelling climax? 
          Are you requested to do anything? 
          Is there a final summary of ideas? 
          Does the ending tie it all together?  
II. Content 
4. Content 
          Is this subject important? 
          Does the sermon contain good exegesis? 
          Do you know where the speaker is in the biblical text? 
          Is the subject thoroughly covered? 
          Is the speaker passionate?  
III. Style 
5. Style 
          The message is delivered with personal flare and originality? 
          Grammar usage is concise and correct? 
          The words chosen aid the sermon's effectiveness? 
          The speaker seems comfortable with his or her style?  
IV. Delivery 
6. Person to Person  
          The speaker definitely has something to say? 
          The speaker comes across as a friendly person? 
          The speaker message speaks to me personally? 
          The speaker knows how to make people relax? 
7. Oral Presentation 
          Is the voice pleasant to listen to? 
          Words are clearly articulated? 
          Is there vocal variation? 
          Does the speaker pause effectively?  
V. Overall Impact 
8. Audience Reception 
          Does the message speak to your interests? 
          Does the message spark a desire to learn more? 
          Does it meet people's needs? 
          Is the speaker in tune with audience response?

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