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Christmas Unity - The Christmas story should bring believers to a point of intense, focused commitment.

Dogs Are People Too - Sometimes Christianity has its high levels and its low, its exalted leaders and then those who don't get much but crumbs.

Be Imitators - We as Christians are invited to imitate God in all that we do and say—especially in facing the challenge of forgiving those we do not particularly love.

Listen to the Cloud - Even when our prayer receives an unfathomable "no," we can be encouraged by the reality that God has worked many miracles and said yes to millions of others.

Is "Perfect" a Dirty Word? - God calls us to be perfect within a framework of complete spiritual peace and assurance. Perfection is equated with maturity and faithful growth.

Pain Sent From Paradise - Why is there so much pain in our world—physical, emotional, spiritual? What possible good comes from our hurts?

Supersize Fries and the Gospel - Jesus' main concern regarding what we take into our bodies involved the spiritual realm. That doesn't mean it won't harm a Christian who puts poisons into his stomach or lungs!

God's Creative Character - Creating the world in seven days was not the beginning or end of God's creative expression. God is constantly creating even today.

The Demoted King of Beasts - Bible prophecies are uncannily accurate in their predictions, even describing the details which give us confidence in God's supreme authority over the events of our world.

The Purpose of Pain - We often can't understand why God allows us to hurt. But pain and unanswered questions serve several divine purposes which further God's aims.

Can't Keep Me Down - Nothing can keep you down when you've got a tough, holy courage that keeps you faithful and cheerful through all the hard times in life.

A Change of Profession - Baptism is more than a plunge in the water--it is an identification with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

No Man Knows . . . Except For Me, of Course - The Bible is absolutely clear that we must not set dates for Jesus' return! All speculation or attempts to calculate the correct moment dishonor heaven and lead us to immature living.

Does God Know the Future? - The Bible paints a dynamic picture of a loving God who directs the destiny of our planet. He is in control of world events and also of what happens in our lives.

Can Jack Live Again? - The resurrection of the dead is a vital pillar of the Christian faith; we can never "spiritualize" it away.

Coveting: Donkeys and DVDs - Coveting is actually one of the hardest sins; it is a "gateway" temptation. We need to seek the spiritual state of contentment, of being happy with what God has chosen to give us.

Treasure the Table - Like the Bedouin boy who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls, but did not recognize their worth -- many Christians today fail to recognize the treasure that is ours in the celebration of the Lord's table.

Is Buddhism All Bad? - All world religions contain noble elements of truth. We should respect our brothers and sisters from other faith backgrounds. However, only the Christian faith offers the gift of grace and salvation.

Beating Back the Christmas Blues - The song the angels sang when Christ was born contains the true meaning and joy of Christmas.

It Takes a Team - Effective spiritual leaders move people out of isolation into community. They help people get beyond themselves.

The Primacy of Prayer - If you are a parent, a Christian engineer, a computer programmer, or nurse; if you are a Sabbath School teacher, Deacon, or Elder; if you are on the front lines of personal evangelism -- prayer is to be number one.

The Agony of Painlessness - Even spiritual pain can serve as an important warning mechanism, a wakeup call when we are in danger of being lost.

Thanks For the Wake-Up Call - We all know the story of how the Prodigal Son left home in an angry tirade and went to a faraway country to waste his father's money.

A Net Called Grace - Christians need to have a clear understanding of the relationship between grace and faith.

The Little Engine That Could - The talented and beautiful may seem the most likely to be used by God, but if we allow him, God can use even the weakest and least of us for his work.

You Are Here - God's followers can have confidence in what the Bible tells us about our place in the grand prophetic sweep of history and the nearness of Jesus' coming.

Hope From Narnia - In the moments of pain, we can do two things. First, see the loving design of Jesus in how pain is an invaluable warning. And second, simply see Jesus. Seek Him in our darkest moments.

When God Says Two and Two is Five - The power of God transforms what would otherwise be fixed impossibilities.

The Church Alive - These are challenging days for the church with shifting cultural paradigms and increasing calls for pluralism leaving many wondering what being a Seventh-day Adventist is all about. Few are willing to venture off the pews...

Charlie Brown's Lament - Pain serves to remind us to always trust in the presence of Jesus in our lives.

Random Rocks at Rushmore - The element of design in the world around us strengthens our solid biblical conviction that the Genesis account of Creation is true.

An Infinite God and Unanswered Questions - The Christian is offered plenty of solid evidence; yet the infinitude of God means we will always have unanswered questions and great truths we cannot fully grasp.

Beyond a Pious Paint Job - Spiritual integrity is being in a personal relationship with Jesus that expresses itself in compassionate ministry to those in need.

Freedom From Judgment - It is a natural human tendancy to be critical and judgmental. We are quick to form opinions and pass judgment on people based on their appearance, words, and actions.

I Want to Sit by the Window! - Greed and self-serving are alien to Jesus' kingdom of sacrifice and service.

Proving the Dingo Did It - Three powerful proofs give us assurance that Jesus Christ is indeed a risen Savior.

Feeding the Habit of Faith - In order to grow into strong and unshakable believers, Christians need to have a daily habit of feeding their faith, considering and embracing our core beliefs.

Never a Busy Signal - The blessing of prayer is an ever-present reality in our lives. The King of the universe is instantly accessible to the least of His children.

Organic Christians - If someone had written the book "60 Seconds to a Relationship with Christ" many of us would be tempted to read it. The process of growing to know and be more like Christ can be a lifelong experience.

Smart Enough? - Common sense or our innate instincts--even our collective common sense--are not the safest guides for life.

Too Busy to Stop and Look - Blind spots might require more than minor adjustments; God may need to give us an entirely new life philosophy. As we refocus our lives on service and the needs of others...

Adjusting Your Mirrors - Each of us needs to diligently use and adjust the "rear view mirrors" that are provided for us through the Bible, Holy Spirit, church, and many other Christian influences.

Light a Fire - Effective spiritual leaders are able to motivate others because they light their own fire in the quiet places with God.

Green Christians - As caretakers of the earth, we have a responsibility to live as greenly as possible.

Should a Christian Ever Go to War? - As Christians, we have to prayerfully grapple with competing claims for our allegiance. While serving God first, we still must weigh difficult choices and seek to be obedient to heaven's will for our lives.

When Giving Fails - Giving our time, money and affections to bless others is what we are called to do. But not at all costs! Giving is not an end in itself. There are times when our gifts are unacceptable.

The Winsome Witness - There is something irresistible about the winsome witness...It is shared in the most attractive manner possible.


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