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Green Card to Glory
Pastor George Gainer
Foreigners who wish to obtain lawful residency in this country ultimately need something called a  "green card." Having one of these gives bearers the official immigration (Lawful Permanent Residency) status they need to get a job and fully participate in American society. George Gainer, senior pastor of the Pleasant Valley Adventist Church, suggests that there is a spiritual counterpart to this concept that needs to be considered. A digested version of his thoughts follows:

Wayfaring Strangers?

Every time we open the Bible we are stepping into a foreign land. We may think we are strangers on earth, but in reality we are at home here more than we are in the land of Scripture. Here it is easy to follow our natural inclinations and fleshly instincts. We don't need road maps to appetite, lust, greed and selfishness. Our inborn GPS automatically takes us there in an instant. But when we step into Scripture it is like stepping into a foreign land through which we are completely incapable of navigating without divine help. In fact, we have no business even trying to be spiritual without first obtaining our spiritual "green card."

Gainer points to an excerpt from the book, Steps to Christ, as the perfect description of our delimma and our only basis of hope for finding our way off this planet. He calls it the Christian's "green card" to the land of faith and spiritual transformation because it summarizes the key truths that we need to understand and embrace to be successful in our journey with Christ.

Green Card

View Steps to Christ except (pdf)

George Gainer is senior pastor of the Pleasant Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church near Portland, Oregon. Better Sermons © 2005-2008. Click here for usage guidelines.


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