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Derek Morris Sermon Series
This page features sermon series by Derek Morris, Senior Pastor of the Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Radical Prayer 
  Part 1 - A Radical Perspective
    The harvest is truly great!
  Part 2 - A Radical Problem
    God can take distracted and discouraged non-laboring laborers and renew them by His grace, empower them by His Spirit, and send them out as effective laborers in His harvest field!
  Part 3 - A Radical Prayer
    Lord of the harvest, I earnestly beg you to throw out laborers into Your harvest, and you have my permission to begin with me.
  Part 4 - Encourtering Radical Challenges
    Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you!
  Part 5 - Laboring in Radical Dependance
    The Lord will provide!
  Part 6 - Experiencing Radical Joy
    You will experience radical joy as you join the Lord of the harvest in His harvest field.
Prayer, Praise and Healing
  Part 1 - Is Anyone Among You Suffering?
    When you are experiencing hard times, cry out to God! 
  Part 2 - Is Anyone Cheerful?
    Sing songs of praise to the LORD when you’re having a good day so when the bad day comes, you will praise Him still! 
  Part 3 - Is Anyone Among You Sick?
     You can cry out to God and ask Him to make you whole!
  Part 4 - Heal me, O Lord
    Heal me, O Lord
Rejoicing in the Lord
  Part 1- Two Reasons to Rejoice
    God who started the good work in your life will bring it to completion!
  Part 2 - Rejoicing in the Midst of Adversity
    Rejoice because God can work good even in the midst of a bad situation.
  Part 3  - Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory
    When you open your heart to the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, you will love God with all your heart, love those around you more than life itself, and you will be filled with inexpressible and glorious joy!
  Part 4 - Rejoicing Together
    We can rejoice together because God is at work in our midst!
  Part 5 - Rejoicing in Jesus Alone
    Your confidence for salvation is in Jesus alone.
  Part 6 - Always Rejoicing
    When you remain focused on Jesus, you can rejoice in the Lord always!
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