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David Smith
This page features sermon series by David B. Smith.

  Part 1 - The Unfinished Symphony
    Every one of us has attended a funeral of someone whom we felt was far too young to die.
  Part 2 - Having a Party in Prison
     We can rejoice in adversity. We can praise God when things look dark. We can trust Him.
  Part 3 - Goodbye, World, Goodbye
    The question of what happens to a person when they die fills up the Christian bookstores.
  Part 4 - Look for a Smarter Love
    The Bible calls for a person to have intelligent love. A love made stronger by knowledge.
  Part 5 - A Total Downer
    Philippians 2:5 is one of the most powerful pieces of sacred literature.
  Part 6 - The Most Expensive Inauguration
    Paul describes what is to come - an inauguration, a swearing-in ceremony, the coronation of a victorious King. 
  Part 7 - Working So Hard on Heaven
    Salvation isn’t a gift which depends on our works, but it is a gift which involves our works.
  Part 8 - Wretched Résumés
     If you’re proud of your résumé, the book of Philippians is sober reading.
  Part 9 - One Hundred Meters Away from Gold
    Have you ever had a project that was so important you felt like your entire life was riding on it?
  Part 10 - Tearing Up Your Passport
    Here in America you can go an entire lifetime without one of those little blue books.
  Part 11 - Proud Papa with a Camera
    She was just Shirley. She had struggled mightily with her handicap.
  Part 12 - Transient Facts and Transcient Faith
    It’s a regular moment of pain in the world of professional sports—and that’s when your favorite player decides to retire . . . or is abruptly traded.
  Part 13 - Censoring Titanic
    About a decade ago, a small mom-and-pop video store got some headlines and a few sneers when they started up a rather prosperous sideline.
  Part 14 - Perfect Peace in Prison
    Sam Tannyhill was sent to death row for bludgeoning a young waitress to death.
  Part 15 - Powering Up the DeLorean
    Where could you find the power, the bolt of lightning, to face tomorrow?

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