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David B. Smith
This pages features sermon series by David B. Smith.

  Part 1 - The Gospel According to Lombardi
    Now this is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, . . .
  Part 2 - Is God as Good as They Say?
    Know God better through the wonders of His only Son.
  Part 3 - I Don't Need God
    Have you ever heard someone say, I . . . don’t . . . need . . . God!
  Part 4 - We Just Can't Help Ourselves
    Why do all human beings sin?
  Part 5 - God's Part and Our Part
    What is it our job to do?
  Part 6 - In the Right Place
    It’s difficult to get wet if you never get into the pool.
  Part 7 - I Surrender a Little Bit
    It's the moment where we surrender. But surrender what? 
  Part 8 - Sending Your Pastor You Life Saving
    Grace has been an “amazing” thing to me for a long, long time.
  Part 9 - This Offer Void Everywhere
    I make it a policy to not tell lies from this pulpit, but today . . .
  Part 10 - Assurance in a Bowl of Spaghetti
    The biggest bet a person can make -- “the ultimate roll of the dice.”
  Part 11 - Reading the Playbook
    God is the one who draws us and leads us to the moment of surrender.
  Part 12 - "Operator, Get Me Heaven on the Line"
    Do you sometimes struggle in your prayer life? 
  Part 13 - Hiding Your Faith Behind  the Gospel Blimp
    Would you rather ride out on the wing of that DC-10 than go up to a stranger and witness.
  Part 14 - Petting the Wrong Dog
    If only I had more faith.
  Part 15 - Loving God and Loving Sin too
    As we learn to love Jesus our other desires fade away.
  Part 16 - "You Twelve Guys are Fired."
    What does it mean when born-again Christians sin? 
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