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David Klinedinst
 David Klinedinst
David M. Klinedinst is the Iowa-Missouri Conference evangelist for the St Louis metropolitan area. He conducts public evangelistic campaigns and practical lay training seminars in various places throughout the United States and overseas, including Africa, Australia, Europe, the Philippines, and the Caribbean.  His passionate style of speaking  has blessed multi-cultural and ethnically diverse audiences alike. His desire is to see a Christ-centered, mission-driven, lay-led church reaching the world for Christ.


Living an Evangelistic Life  -  A lay training seminar equipping people for ministry. Participants learn how to be an "evangelist" in everyday life by following simple principles of  personal evangelism.  It covers Christ's method of reaching people, how to see little opportunities every day, how to bring a spiritual subject into a conversation, how to recognize open doors, how to visit people, how to give a Bible study, how to recognize conviction, and how to have a daily devotional life. The powerpoint is made available for participants to teach at their own churches. This seminar is best combined with the preaching series Lord, Make Me Your Missionary.

Session 1 – Christ’s Way of Personal Evangelism: Examines how Jesus used personal ministry (not just preaching) to touch people’s hearts and souls.

Session 2 – Principles of Personal Evangelism: Examines practical principles that people can use in their daily lives.

Session 3 – Everyday Opportunities: Examines how to interject a spiritual subject into a conversation, how to use literature and videos, and how to share your testimony and make a gospel presentation.

Session 4 – Visitation: Examines how to visit people such as the firsttime guest at church, the former member, the sick, etc.

Session 5 – How to Have a Bible Study: Examines practical principles of how to have a personal Bible study with someone.

Session 6 – Conviction: Examines how to recognize conviction in a person’s life.

Session 7 – The Power of Prayer: What role does prayer play in working with people?

Session 8 – How to Have a Daily Devotional Life: Examines how to spend meaningful time with Jesus.

Session 9 – How to Get Decisions and Make Appeals: Designed for pastors and lay people who are involved in ministry. It covers the principles of decisionmaking and teaches how to make personal and public appeals.

Other Seminars:

How to Preach a Powerful, short, and simple sermon
- This seminar teaches lay people a simple and easy-to-understand way to prepare and preach a sermon. No 300-page textbook in this class! It includes sections on tools for the preacher, how to choose a topic, how to study a passage, how to develop a sermon into four parts, how to make an appeal, and principles of public speaking.

How to Preach Christ-centered Evangelistic Meetings - This seminar is for pastors and lay people who conduct evangelistic meetings. This powerpoint seminar takes the topics typically covered in an evangelistic meeting and shows how to center them around Christ.

How to Get Decisions and Make Appeals - This seminar is for pastors and lay people. It covers the following topics: principles of decision-making, the importance of asking for decisions, and how to make appeals.

How to Have a Ministry for the Blind - This seminar will teach a person of a church how to have a ministry for the blind in the local community by using the Missionaries Of the Blind program.

Sermon Series:

Lord, Make Me Your Missionary - Jesus’ heart beat with a passion for the lost. He was constantly reaching out to the irreligious and unspiritual people of the world. He desires to ignite the fire within us and give us a passion and compassion for people. He wants to make us His missionary. This series focuses on the stories of the Bible which picture Jesus as a missionary with a passion. It concludes with a call to say, “Lord give me Your passion. Make me Your missionary.”

First Message - Touching the Face of Jesus: The story of the compassionate heart of Jesus and how He calls us to reach out to the neglected people of the world.

Second Message - Matthew’s Party: The story of how Jesus spent time with Matthew’s “old” friends, even though they were “different.”

Third Message - Open Your Eyes and Look at the Fields!: The story of how Jesus takes ordinary circumstances and turns them into opportunities to plant seeds for the Gospel. He shows us how to open our eyes and be missionaries in our daily life.

Fourth Message - Jesus and Zacchaeus: The story of how Jesus reaches out to a rough character, spends time with him, and changes him.

Fifth Message - Where’s Your Passion?: A powerful story of Jesus’ passion for lost people as He weeps on the Mount of Olives. Jesus invites us to have this passion for people.

Other Sermon Series:

Discover Jesus
- This preaching series focuses on the life of Jesus and how we can fall in love with Him today. It highlights the poignant Gospel stories which reveal the matchless character of Jesus and draws us closer to Him. 

Bending the Golden Rule - This preaching series focuses on the importance of living the Golden Rule in our church life and daily life. Only when the Golden Rule permeates our life can we be a light in this dark world.

Lessons from the Life of Abrham - This preaching series examines the life of Abraham, the "friend of God." It follows the development of Abraham's relationship with God as he experienced both victory and failure. Many of the challenges Abraham faced in his spiritual journey are ones that Christians face today.

God Don't Give Up On Me! - This is David's personal testimony which can be shared in one or two parts. It is a simple testimony of significant moments in his life when God proved to that He loves him and has a purpose for him. It highlights God's patience through the ups and downs of life.

Youth Rally Series - This series is for young people. It includes messages on being accepted by God, spending time with Jesus, making your decision for Him, God's call on your life, maintaining sexual purity, and finding a marriage partner. It concludes with David's personal testimony. These messages can be presented as a husband/wife team.

God, I Don't Want To Do This Anymore - This is a devotional for pastor's and worker's meetings. Every pastor reaches a point when he feels overwhelmed, defeated, and ready to quit. What does a pastor do when it becomes too much to bear and he decides he doesn't want to do this anymore? David open his heart and shares his personal story of going through the difficult times of ministry.  David's wife Marquita can share messages of encouragement for pastors' wives and a message for pastors called "What Every Pastor Should Know About His Wife."

Turning the World Upside Down - This is a series which poses the question, "How seriously do we take our mission?" It introduces the biblical model of lay-led churches so the pastor may be free to evangelize unentered fields. Part 1 looks at the example of the early New Testament Church. Part 2 looks at the example of the early Adventist Church. This series is for those conferences and churches that are moving toward a lay-led paradigm. 

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